Year 11 (2016-17)

Parent Support Evening

Year 11 Parents Exam Prep Evening 2017

After School Revision Arrangements – From Half Term 2017

Revision and Intervention (Updated 06/03/2017)

Exam Timetable

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Revision Resources

The tittles below are links to student resources.  Please click on the titles to view or download the PDF documents.

Curriculum Subjects:



Bitesize for Drama
OCR GCSE Drama page

Ethics & Philosophy (Website for past papers)



Easter Revision Dates:

Mon 10th April GCSE Unit 4 Appraisal
Tues 11th April GCSE Unit 4 Appraisal/ BTEC Unit 1 Exam Revision

Exam Dates:

Mon 15th May BTEC Music Unit 1 Exam (Edexcel)
Fri 9th June GCSE Music Unit 1 Exam (AQA)

GCSE Music Revision Links

Music Quiz
GCSE Music Key Vocabulary (part 1)
GSCE Music Key Vocabulary (Part 2)
GCSE Music Revision – Practice Listening Questions
Music Revision GCSE
Classical FM Quiz
Music AQA GCSE Quiz
GCSE Music Terms Quiz
GCSE Music Exam Tips Video 1
GCSE Music Exam Tips Video 2
GCSE Music Exam Tips Video 3
GCSE Music Exam Tips Video 4

 BTEC Music Revision Links

HSG BTEC First (Music) Revision video for Unit 1 (Video1)
HSG BTEC Music First Unit 1 Revision Video (video 2 of 3)
HSG BTEC Music First Unit 1 Revision Video (video 3)
A Beginner’s Guide – Record Label
PPL and PRS for Music – music licensing in businesses
Music Industry 101 Quiz
Music Business Test 1
QUIZ: Which Music Industry Job Fits Your Personality?