Stockley Academy has set up an Alumni network to enable us to keep in contact with our former students.

It’s a great way for those who sign up to the network to stay in touch with what’s going on at the Academy and with fellow students after they leave.

As an Alumnus you can also play a great part in helping and inspiring current students by coming back to visit the school to speak about your career paths and achievements or get involved in school events or by posting your story or news on the school website.

Signing up and being part of the network is completely free and there’s no obligation for students to do anything after they’ve signed up but members will receive our e-newsletter with what’s been happening at the Academy and news about opportunities they might like to get involved in.

We’re really keen to sign up current leavers as well as former students who may have left some time ago.

If you are a former student or Academy leaver, please contact Mr Raja, Assistant Principal,