History informs students about the world they live in, whilst also giving them vital skills which can be applied in many fields.

Key Stage 3

Students study various themes in British and world history, such as the development of modern Britain, Britain’s impact on the world such as slavery and the Commonwealth, World War I and II and genocides such as the Holocaust. As part of this, History students are developing skills of analysis and judgment about how to look under the surface of the events. Students learn how to evaluate the evidence they encounter in search of deeper understanding. Extended writing is a key discipline that features in History work and a number of discursive writing tasks are undertaken by students.

Key Stage 4

At GCSE the current History syllabus follows OCR Modern World B and examines pupils on Germany 1919-45, USA 1919-41 and Britain 1939-75. The stories are fascinating and give great insights into how people saw their world, their beliefs and social attitudes.

The current Year 9s will be studying for the new Edexcel GCSE. This will examine students on topics such as Jack the Ripper, Nazi Germany, The Cold War, Elizabethan England and Crime and Punishment through time.

Key Stage 5

Students study British Political History from 1918-1997, America in the Roaring twenties and Depression in the 1930s. At A2 students will investigate the Witchcraft phenomenon of the 1600s and conduct a coursework investigation of their choice.

We try to ensure that every student has the opportunity to engage with their areas of study through the variety of field trips we offer. These include a visit to Warwick Castle, The Imperial War Museum to experience the newly developed WW1 exhibition and a GCSE visit to Berlin to deepen our understanding of our GCSE unit, 'Germany 1919-41'.

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