Geography focuses on the interrelations between people and the environment.

Key Stage 3

Students are introduced to the engaging world of geography in Year 7. We consider ‘What is geography?’ and the skills we need to use in geography.  We go onto look at different exciting environments around the world such as the tropics, polar region and deserts.  We also take a look at the British Isles landscapes and settlements and compare to China’s landscapes and settlements.  Finally, we introduce the concept of globalisation through crime!

Year 8s are introduced to how our weather works and then some big hitting current issues, climate change, deforestation and poverty and wealth in different parts of the world.

Key Stage 4

At GCSE we use AQA. In Years 9 and 10 this course splits geography under ‘Physical Geography’, ‘Human Geography’ and ‘Geographical Applications’ (skills) there is an exam for each of these headings.  Much of the content is taught through up to date current national and global events.

Under physical geography we study Tectonic Hazards, Weather Hazards, Climate Change, Ecosystems to include Tropical Rainforests and Hot Deserts and Coastal and River Landscapes in the UK. Under Human Geography we study urban issues, the Changing Economic World and the Challenge of the Resource Management.

For the Geographical Applications exam we attend a residential field trip to use our skills in the field. At GCSE Year 11 the course divides under two themes Physical (natural) Geography and Human Geography and uses up to date current national and global events.  The physical topics we study include the Restless Earth, Water on the Land and the Coastal Zone.  The human topics include Population Change, the Development Gap and Tourism.

GCSE Geography sets students up with knowledge about the world but also equips them with a number of skills including data collection, sorting and interpreting of primary and secondary data, graph, satellite images and photo interpretation, plus refined writing skills - all the skills that top universities want from students.

Key Stage 5

The Academy is not offering A-level Geography this year.

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