The Sixth Form at Stockley Academy offers a wide range of opportunities for all students, whatever their future aspirations might be. Our Sixth form is not just a continuation of main school; it offers greater individuality, more responsibility and increased depth of study.

If you’re already studying at Stockley Academy, you will be able to continue your education in familiar surroundings with teachers who know you. If you are new to the school, you will be made very welcome, find that you soon feel at home and discover why our Sixth Form is so popular and successful.

As a Sixth Form student at Stockley Academy you’ll have access to a fantastic range of facilities which we believe will both assist your studying and enrich your social life.


Our main hall has theatre seating where lectures, performances and shows can take place. You will have access to faculty resource areas, equipped with your curriculum materials and ICT, for study and social activities. The Academy’s Learning Resource Centre (LRC) is at the heart of learning and is one of the best in the country, providing open access for information, study and independent learning.

We have a separate careers library, containing up-to-date information and booklets about choices for careers and universities. Our facilities for sport and outdoor pursuits are superb; there is a sports hall, gym, fitness studio and a new all-weather floodlit pitch.

Sixth Form students have their own social and study facilities, and exclusive use of the LRC’s upper floor. Breakfast and the use of study rooms are available before school starts and study facilities are open to students at the end of each school day. The Sixth Form Common Room is an important daily meeting and social centre for use during break and lunchtime, and our Sixth Form students are expected to take responsibility for it.


As a Sixth Form student here at Stockley Academy, you will expected to support the smooth running and organisation of the Academy and to set an example to younger students. There will be many opportunities to take responsibility; these may involve working with younger students, organising sports or social activities, helping run clubs, fundraising for charity or working in the community. Showing that you can take responsibility, and that you can work well with other people, are key skills sought by employers and higher education admission tutors.

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