Governing Body and Sponsors

The Governing Body

Stockley Academy is governed by a board of Trustees (the Governing Body) constituted under a Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association and is set up in the same way as a limited company. In addition Stockley Academy is a registered charity.

The principal sponsor of the Academy is Mr Barry Townsley. Although not a Trustee of the company, he does continue to show a keen interest in the Academy whilst delegating its governance and management to the Trustees.

All the responsibilities of the Trustees are given to the Governors. Stockley Academy’s Governing Body has eight sponsor Governors; the Principal; one teacher (other than the Principal); one member of staff; and a parent of a student at the Academy. In addition, they are able to appoint four co-opted Governors.

The Governing Body is responsible, with the Principal and Senior Leadership Team, for setting the educational direction for the Academy and the targets to be achieved over time, and then monitoring progress towards those objectives and targets.

The Governors expect the Academy to be at the heart of the community, and that its resources and facilities benefit as many people as possible.

The Role of Governor

Within England, there are over 300,000 School Governors, who form the largest volunteer force in the country.
The members of a Governing Body work collectively to perform a strategic role and carry out key functions including:

  • Discuss and set the aims and objectives for the Academy
  • Set the required policies for achieving those aims and objectives
  • Set the required targets to aim for in achieving those aims and objectives
  • Monitor and evaluate the progress that the Academy is making towards its set aims and objectives.

The Trustees (Governing Body) of Stockley Academy (as at 01/01/2017)

Name and Position

Marilyn Russell M.B.E. Sponsor Governor – Chair of Governors
Paul Stevenson Sponsor Governor – Vice Chair of Governors
Ann Colgan  Principal
Jamie Austin Sponsor Governor
David Boden  Sponsor Governor
Anita Byrne  Sponsor Governor
Gary Bennett  Sponsor Governor
Louise Du Plessis Teacher Governor
Nigel Harris  Support Staff Governor
Graham Hooper  Co-opted Governor
Simon Payne Parent Governor
Divyesh Upadhya  Co-opted Governor
Vacancy (Co-opted Governor and Sponsor Governor)

All contact with the Governors should be made via email to
or by post to
Clerk to Governing Body,
c/o Stockley Academy,
Park View Road,
Middlesex UB8 3GA