Academy admissions

We’re delighted you’re considering secondary education at Stockley Academy and invite you to check our News page for details of our Open Evenings for prospective parents, carers and students.

If you’re unable to make one of the published dates, or would like to visit us during a normal school day, please contact the Admissions Officer at

The application procedure for Year 7 and In Year admissions is outlined below.

Applying for Year 6-7 Transfers — September 2016 intake


If you name Stockley Academy as one of your preferred choices of secondary school you are required to complete and return the TWO forms as detailed below. This includes all those with siblings currently at the Academy.

FORM 1 – The Common Application Form

You will be required to complete the Local Authority Common Application Form which can be obtained from your child’s current primary school, from The London Borough of Hillingdon website, or from the Admission Team at the Civic Centre, Uxbridge.

It is strongly recommended that you submit your application online or by post, so that it is received by Friday 23rd October 2015. This is the Friday before the October half-term holiday. Alternatively you can hand it in to your son or daughter’s Primary or Junior School by this date.

Applications will continue to be accepted by the Local Authority via e-admissions until midnight on 31st October 2015.

Applicants residing outside the London Borough of Hillingdon are required to complete their own Local Authority Common Application Form.

FORM 2 – The Supplementary Application Form

The Academy’s Supplementary Application Form must be completed and returned direct to the Admissions Officer, Stockley Academy by noon on 31st October 2015.

It can be obtained direct from the Academy or downloaded from this website. The Academy will only acknowledge receipt of Supplementary Application Forms received by the deadline of 31st October. If you are at all concerned about the receipt of your form you must ring us and speak with the Admissions Officer by 31st October.

The Academy sets a non-verbal reasoning test (NVRT) for all students who apply for a place in Year 7 in order to ensure that the intake has a balance of abilities. (See below for more details.) It is not a test that must be passed to gain a place at the Academy, but all pupils applying for a place in Year 7 in September 2016 must sit the test. The NVRT assessment date will be sent after 31st October to all those who returned their Supplementary Application Form by the deadline.

Please note: If you do not complete and return the supplementary form or if your child does not take the NVRT then they will only be considered for a place after places have been allocated to those children who did take the assessment. In reality, this means that it is highly unlikely that your child will gain a place at the Academy if you do not complete and return the supplementary form or if your child does not take the NVRT. If you require any further information about the NVRT or the Supplementary Application Form please do contact the Admissions Officer on 01895 430066.

Applying for an In-Year Admission (applying outside of the normal Year 6-7 transfer)

Stockley Academy administers its own In-Year admissions. Applications must be made via the Academy’s In-Year Admission Form, which can be downloaded from the website. The application form should be completed and returned to the Admissions Officer at Stockley Academy at Where a year group is over-subscribed, the Academy will operate a waiting list. Students will be placed on the waiting list in accordance with the current Admission Policy criteria and places offered to those at the top of the waiting list if a vacancy arises. When a place is offered, students and their parent or carer will be invited into the Academy for an induction session where they will undertake a reading assessment, have a tour of the building, meet the Head of House and purchase uniform.

Full details are given in our Admission Policy available to download from the right hand column.
We also have Sixth Form provision for up to 250 students.

Summary of the Admissions Criteria for Students joining Year 7 at Stockley Academy in September 2016

180 places are available in each new Year 7 group. All children applying for admission into Year 7 in September 2016 will be required to take a Non-Verbal Reasoning Assessment (NVRT). There is one assessment date in November; all applicants will be expected to sit the assessment on that day.

The Academy can admit up to 180 students into the year group. All applicants taking the assessment will be placed in one of nine bands, based on their performance in the assessment. The number admitted from each band will be such that the intake is representative of the national ability range. Places from the nine bands will be allocated based on the order set out below:

A ‘looked after child’ or a child who was previously looked after but immediately after being looked after became subject to an adoption, residence, or special guardianship order. A looked after child is a child who is (a) in the care of a local authority, or (b) being provided with accommodation by a local authority in the exercise of their social services functions (see the definition in Section 22(1) of the Children Act 1989).

Pupils whose siblings currently attend the Academy and who will reasonably be considered to do so on the date of admission (i.e. a natural brother or sister, or half-brother or sister, or a legally adopted brother or sister or half-brother or sister, who will be living with them at the same address at the date of their entry to the Academy).

Pupils on the basis of proximity to the Academy, measured in a straight line from the point set by Ordnance Survey at the pupil’s home address** (including flats) to a fixed point in the Academy set by Ordnance Survey (co-ordinates 506738, 181305) using the Geographical Information System (GIS).

** The home address is defined as the child’s permanent residence or, where a child lives at more than one address, the address at which the child lives for the majority of the school week.

Our Admissions and Admissions Appeals policy can be downloaded in the right hand column.