Year 8 Options

For the first time students have the responsibility to decide both what they enjoy and the areas in which they can succeed. It is a very exciting time for them. The next three years of study are very important to students.

The National Curriculum requires students to keep studying many subjects, so opportunities for work or further study will remain open whatever they choose. Students have the option of a range of academic and vocational subjects including Triple Science and the English Baccalaureate. However, if students have a fairly good idea of what they want to study further, or what kind of job they want to do, they should mention this when discussing their plans. We can then advise students more accurately. Above all, make sure decisions are made in students’ best interest, not because of what their friends are doing, or because of who might or might not be teaching them.

This Options booklet contains a lot of essential information, and students will need time to read it carefully. Students should not make hasty decisions – talk things over with parents, carers and teachers before making up their mind. You can view a digital version of the booklet below or download a copy from the right hand column.

Remember that students’ Tutor, Head of House and teachers are here to help. Together with parents and carers we all want to ensure that the courses followed in Years 9, 10 and 11 are the best for your child.

The Options booklet and choices form can be downloaded from the right hand column.

View a digital copy of the Options Booklet