Extra curricular

We offer our students a wide range of activities and opportunities beyond the curriculum through our extensive enrichment programme.

Research has shown that children who take part in activities outside school lessons – or ‘out of school hours learning’ – make better progress and improve their attendance and attitude to both school and learning.

Extra-curricular activities help students gain experience in a variety of areas that will enhance their future. Through participation in sports, students learn co-operation, teamwork and time management. By serving as an officer in an organization, students learn responsibility, problem solving and communication. Extra-curricular activities can also help students discover hidden talents, meet people they might otherwise not encounter, and learn about things outside their own environment.

Enrichment activities at Stockley Academy include the Duke of Edinburgh Award, Art Club, Sports Clubs, Competitions, School Council, Debate Mate, Book Club and Film Club.

Lego Education Centre

Stockley Academy is the first school in the UK to feature a LEGO® Education Centre (LEC). The LEC is designed to develop essential skills built around the key areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM subjects).

The LEC provides serious learning tools that stimulate our students’ interest in science as well as allowing them to develop real, practical problem-solving skills.

Students build their own LEGO solutions based on the innovative LEGO 4C approach: Connect, Construct, Contemplate and Continue. After using the hardware to build their own LEGO creations, simple, icon-based software even allows students to programme robots. This encourages them to use their imagination and problem-solving skills in the process – can the class build a robot that will guard the room, sounding an alarm when someone comes through the door? Can they create a ‘power station’ that generates energy using wind or water?

The LEC offers tuition for students of all ages in a wide variety of disciplines. As well as involving mathematical and scientific skills, they encourage pupils to develop softer skills such as creativity and cooperation. It’s incredibly important for students to enjoy and engage with these kinds of subjects, as they are our next generation of engineers, mechanics and even spacecraft designers.

Extra-curricular Sports

We believe that giving our students the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities is an important part of our Physical Education programme.

It gives our students the time to:

  • Refine their skills
  • Be competitive
  • Experience winning and losing
  • Be a leader
  • Be part of a team
  • Take responsibility
  • Meet friends and socialise
  • Have FUN

We have a very wide range of activities that we play against other schools, and not only the traditional team games, but also new ones that we hope will encourage wider participation for those students who do not necessarily enjoy team games.

This includes Boxercise, Gymnastics, Rowing, BMX Biking, Futsol, Ice skating and Ten-pin bowling.

We also enter all the Hillingdon Borough Sports competitions including: Football, Cricket, Badminton, Rugby, Rounders, Table Tennis, Basketball, Athletics, Bi-athlon, Hockey, Netball, Rowing and Futsal.

Extra-curricular Performing Arts

Performing Arts at Stockley Academy is thriving, from Year 7 to the Sixth Form, there is something for everyone.

Activities include dance, drama and music as well as the school productions (which are open to all); and Theatre Crew, who work backstage to support all the productions and events both on and off-site.