Examination Information

Timekeeping and requirements for mock and public examinations must be met and we ask all students and parents or carers to read this important information carefully and, if it raises any concerns or queries, please contact the Exams Officer at the Academy for clarification.

  • All students will be issued with a personal timetable before they break up for the Easter holidays. Please contact the Academy if you require another copy
  • Morning examinations begin at 9am — students must arrive in the Academy by 8.30am at the latest
  • Afternoon examinations begin at 2pm and students must ensure they are in the Academy by 1.30pm
  • Students are required to bring a black pen and any other required equipment for each examination including a scientific calculator for those papers which permit the use of a calculator. Equipment should be carried in a see-through (clear) plastic pencil case. Water is permitted, however it must be in a clear plastic bottle with no labels.

If you have any queries in relation to examinations, please contact Ms. Natalie Dewberry in the first instance on 01895 430066.

We wish students every success with their examinations.