‘every student has every chance to reach their full potential’    

We want students to follow a curriculum that is matched to their ability, thus allowing them to reach their full potential. We want our curriculum to develop the students’ work, social and life skills. We want to extend the students by including problem solving and enriching activities. Finally, we want the curriculum to develop students into autonomous learners embracing ICT where appropriate.

Our curriculum vision is comprised of the following themes:

A Life Skills Financial, Coping, Punctuality, Cooking, Planning, Work/Life balance, Prioritising.
B Works Skills Effective Communication, Team work, Punctuality, Problem Solving, Respect, Links with employers, Good Literacy & Numeracy, Honest, Initiative, Perseverance, Being prepared to try new things.
C Social Skills Being able to communicate, Interact and respond effectively and appropriately to everyone, in all situations without prejudice.
D Use of ICT Need to develop the wider use of ICT skills across the curriculum.
E Independence To develop the students’ independence skills enabling students in all aspects of their personal and academic life.
E Pathways – Academic: Vocational Knowledge and skills based learning leading to Academic or Vocational training which is interlinked to provide a complete pathway tailored to each individual student’s choice.
F Enrichment Make use of staff skills, Personalised Learning, Staff offer enrichment activities e.g. Foreign language, life experiences, knowledge of different cultures, travel.
G Creativity and Problem Solving Using initiative to find novel ways to solve problems, More self-reliance/independence, and Group work to increase creativity.

Curriculum at Key Stage 3

We aim to challenge our students and develop their ability to think and work independently. The curriculum is designed to give our students a wide range of opportunities.

In Key Stage 3, students study English, Mathematics, Science, Drama, History, Geography, Art & Design, Design Technology, Music, French or Spanish, ICT, PE, Citizenship and Philosophy and Ethics. This gives our students a broad and balanced offer, which will help support their choices when they reach Key Stage 4.

Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE)

In Years 7 & 8 PSHCE is covered through the humanities curriculum and during tutor time. During these lessons students will learn about the following; Careers, Citizenship, Economic and industrial awareness, Environmental education and Health education.


We believe the completion of homework is an opportunity for extended study time, providing breadth and a greater degree of insight in each subject area.

Homework forms an integral part of the courses offered at all levels of the school. As a result, pupils are encouraged to develop independent study skills, and to take responsibility for organising their own work without close supervision.

A copy of the homework policy can be found on the Academy’s website.

Curriculum at Key Stage 4

Our curriculum is designed to offer a broad and balanced education for students aged 11-19. Students must study the core subjects of GCSE English, GCSE Mathematics, GCSE Science, PE, PSHE/Citizenship and Philosophy and Ethics.

English Baccalaureate

This is an internationally-recognised qualification, which comprises of a suite of subjects including GCSE Maths, GCSE English, GCSE Science – double or triple, GCSE French and GCSE Geography or GCSE History. This qualification is for those students who wish to follow an academic programme and who are considering A Levels and university. As well as The English Baccalaureate subjects, students will also be able to choose additional subjects.

Subject choice

In addition to their core subjects, students can also choose from the following subjects: GCSE Art, GCSE Art and Design Textiles, GCSE Applied Business, GCSE Citizenship, GCSE Computing, GCSE Drama, GCSE French, GCSE Geography, GCSE History, GCSE Home Economics, GCSE ICT, GCSE Media, Product Design, GCSE PE, GCSE Resistant Materials, Art & Design (BTEC), Business (BTEC), Child Development (BTEC), Construction (BTEC), Performing Arts – Dance (BTEC), Engineering (BTEC), Health & Social Care (BTEC), ICT (Cambridge Nationals Level 2), Music (BTEC), Sport (BTEC) and Hairdressing (City and Guilds).


At Key Stage 4 all students follow a broad programme of study. The focus at Key Stage 4 is life-long participation in physical exercise. The activities on offer include: Football, Rugby, Netball, Hockey, Trampolining, Fitness, Table Tennis, Rounders, Cricket, Athletics and Leadership. Additional activities may be offered according to students’ needs.

Religious Studies

Religious Studies is offered as an extra non-optional GCSE. The course builds on topics studied in Year 9, including ethical issues, matters of life and death, religion and families/community and the effect of religion on peace and conflict. Students studying the full course will sit two exams at the end of Year 11, while those studying the short course will have one exam at the end of Year 11.


At Key Stage 4 all students will access the CPSHE programme through a tutor time programme led by the heads of houses and delivered throughout the week.

Any parents who are concerned about the curriculum being offered at Stockley Academy should please contact the Principal. Should they not be able to resolve the matter, it may be referred to the Governors. The procedure for formal complaints is available on request from the Principal.