Senior and Middle Leaders

Please note that parents who wish to see Academy staff should make an appointment to do so. Staff are unlikely to be available to parents who ask to see them with no notice given.

Please also note that the Academy aims to respond to emails within 24 hours.

Senior Leadership Team

Ms A Colgan, Principal

Ms R Fewer, Vice Principal

Mr J Delgado, Interim Vice Principal

Mr J Swan, Assistant Principal: Curriculum and Achievement

Mrs E Bellamy, Assistant Principal: Teaching & Learning

Ms T FeehanAssistant Principal: PPM



Year Progress Leaders

Ms L McInally, Progress Leader Year 7

Mr J Taylor, Progress Leader Year 8

Mr E Boateng, Progress Leader Year 9

Ms L Du Plessis, Progress Leader Year 10

Ms T Ashe , Progress Leader Year 11

Middle Leaders

Mrs H Patel & Mrs M Sweeney, Joint Acting Curriculum Leader, English

Mr S Quy, Head of Media Studies

Ms M Killilea, Head of Health & Social Care

Ms L Liddle, Curriculum Leader: Humanities

Miss B Cala, Head of Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs S Chotai, Curriculum Leader: Art, Design & Technology

Miss T Douglas, Curriculum Leader: Inclusion

Mrs H A Patel, Director of Science

Mr T MacMillan, Head of Technology

Mr K Mahay, Director of Mathematics

Ms C Simon, Interim Curriculum Leader Expressive Arts

Ms L Walker & Ms B Berry, Joint Acting Head of PE

Mr W Raja, Curriculum Leader of Business and ICT

Mr J Sahota, Interim Head of Year 11: Progress

Miss L De Souza, Interim Head of Year 12

Mr G Moran, Interim Head of Year 13